Sunday, May 31, 2015

Settling in

The blisters I got in the first week have just about healed now.  I walked 9km on Monday which gives you some idea as to why we have 8 minutes to get to the voting lobby when the division bell rings, we have not had to vote yet but I am getting prepared.  I am trying to learn some of the shortcuts and now have an office which is real progress.

Planning is holding up the constituency office search, but I have no doubt we will get there eventually.  Casework and visits in the Constituency are progressing with a visit on Friday to NWF a large diversified business employing over 600 people.  On Monday I will be with Graham Evans MP who has raised significant funds for St Luke's Hospice in his London Marathon run, and we will both be at the opening of the new warehouse for St Luke's, and Graham will be driving the St Luke's bus which is a big red London Bus which tours around the Constituency selling beautiful vintage clothing in aid of the Hospice.

I will need to do a timed run this week from my Westminster office to the voting lobby so I know exactly how long it takes - that won't factor in 650 other MPs all rushing to get to the same place so I expect it will be an interesting experience!

Meanwhile I have been drawn for my first question on health, I have also put my name forward for the 1922  Committee which will require an election on Wednesday, it will be interesting to see the outcome of that election.  Three new MPs have put their names forward and this is in proportion to the numbers that we are on the back benches.  I was one of a number of AMs in Cardiff to argue that Committee chairs should be elected, as they are in Westminster.  Lord Elis Thomas supported those of us pushing for the change but the Party Leaders in Cardiff preferred the system of Patronage that currently exists.  By contrast letters from Committee Chair hopefuls have been arriving by the dozen in Westminster and I will be sitting down to sort through them on Monday.

On Tuesday I will be taking part in the Macmillan Tug of War which raises funds for a great cause.

Its going to be a good week....roll on Monday.