Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The Olympic Ideal?

Last weekend I found myself wishing that I was in London, so that I could stand on the streets and protest against the violent oppression in relation to the so called "Olympic Ideal". The real story is what is happening and has been happening over many years in Tibet. I remember a Labour Government saying that it would have a so called "ethical" foreign policy, it has been in tatters for many years, but the events of this weekend made me wonder to what extent we are able to voice our concerns about oppression. Why were Chinese security forces allowed to play the role they did in "protecting the Olympic ideal" on the streets of Britain.? Ironically shortly before I was able to see that the Flintshire Conservative Website is being monitored from China - no doubt after my post in relation to Burma on this blog. In all societies "rights" come with "responsibility" for me this is defined as peaceful protest. If you want to support peaceful protest in Tibet then follow this link