Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Welsh Conservative Manifesto

One of the great things about being a regional candidate is that I go all over North Wales, from Anglesey in the West to Clwyd South and Wrexham in the East.  Each area has strengths and weaknesses, however all the constituencies have some things in common.  Since the creation of the Assembly in Cardiff it has been run by Labour, and let down by Labour.  Plaid has described their Labour counterparts as having a "culture of excuses" I would go further and say that there has been a culture of failure. 

Wales has more children living in severe poverty, its share of manufacturing has fallen by over 11% under Labour, our educational standards have slipped, and there is a funding gap of over £600 per pupil on average in each school, our farmers have "modulation" basically money taken out of their single farm payment, which no other european country does.  Small businesses have been hit by huge rate rises, and council tax has increased as a form of indirect tax because of poor settlements from Labour/Plaids WAG.  Most of all North Wales has been left out of many of the projects and funding, which has been allocated mainly in the South. 

The Welsh Conservatives will have a Minister for North Wales, to make sure that crackpot schemes such as that suggested by Edwina Hart for North Wales patients having to travel for over 6 hours for neurosurgery to South Wales.  The North has been taken for granted by Labour for too long.

Our manifesto was described by David Melding as a "mature programme for government".  You can read it here  It offers people in Wales clear choices, and a well thought out and sincere approach to how to tackle the key areas of concern here in North Wales.  All the proposals in the manifesto have been fully costed, and therefore can and could be delivered.  This is what we want to do.

Protect the health budget for the next 4 years against Labour's cuts in Wales, and free Doctors and Nurses to prioritise patient care

Directly fund schools so that head teachers and teachers are able to set their own priorities for right for their own school, in their area.

Encourage the potential of small businesses by taking them out of business rates so that they can take on new staff, or invest in new products.

Protect free bus passes and free prescriptions for older people.

Introduce an Armed Forces card to give benefits such as free bus travel and priority care on the NHS

Promote the use of the Welsh Language with a new charter mark for businesses that encourage its use.

Eliminate child poverty by 2020.

The details are in the manifesto, and reading it will show you that there is a real choice for voters in Wales. People are rightly concerned and worried about the cuts caused by Labours mishandling of the economy and huge debts meaning that we are paying £120 million a day in interest payments.  The longer Labour rules in Wales, the worse the outcomes for Wales will get.  Whatever Labour claims, the bald facts speak for themselves after over a decade of Labour rule in Wales.  It is time for llais newydd dros Gymru, a New Voice for Wales.