Thursday, July 27, 2006

Cuts in education spending in Flintshire

I noticed that on Friday Sandy Mewies AM handed letters of congratulation to primary school leavers moving up to secondary education at various schools in Flintshire. I was shocked at this blatant attempt to target 11 year olds and ride on the back of their achievements. The real story of education in Flintshire is a cut in capital spending per pupil from £32 a head in 2003-4 to £18 a head in £2004-5. This means that Flintshire is bottom of the table for education spending in wales. This swinging cut is an outrage and a clear breach of Labour's pledge "your child achieving more". Mewies failure to highlight the cuts in the labour controlled Flintshire council education spending indicates that she is not prepared to tackle the issues facing her constituents and is more concerned in covering up the failures of her labour colleagues.