Thursday, December 07, 2006

Jobs Cuts and reduced spending in education

FACT - Labour's Welsh Assembly Government has cut the funding for Northop Horticultural college by £334,000.

FACT - Despite the fact the budget details should have been given to the College in April 06 they were not informed of the cuts until October by the Assembly Minister

FACT - Redundancies will now follow with the possibility of upto 18 members of staff loosing their jobs.

FICTION - Brown's pre budget statement that he is going to increase capital investment in education. The IFS called his announcement "a highly misleading presentation device" because he overstated the amount he will actually spend.

FACT - The figures mean that the growth of education capital investment is set to fall from 11% to 4.1%.

FACT - there is no new money in Brown's pledge. He has simply added up the numbers in three previous announcements to give a total for investment in education.

FICTION - Sandy Mewies assertion Labour is delivering more jobs, look at staff cuts in Northop college, job losses in the health service and businesses leaving Wales in droves....................