Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Leader - Political row brewing over Airbus Broughton

The Leader - Political row brewing over Airbus Broughton

Following the leader article today over the Broughton plant, about which so many lies have been told there have been some instructive comments on the Evening Leader's website. Some of the comments are as follows. "Mr Tami knows well that he is part of a totally discredited Labour anything goes...all of a sudden we have claims made that can only lead to the undermining of confidence in Airbus and worse causing worry to the workers and families...and he accuses the Tories of using spin!!"

That quote and others in the thread show that Labour's scare tactics are not washing with the voters in Flintshire.

This quote also was on the website "Seems like New Labour will try anything apart from the truth to gain votes...I honestly hope on a single Labour MP gets elected....".

The tide is turning against Labour in Flintshire. Voters are not willing to accept dirty tactics from Labour anymore, and will want to see some honest debate. Labour's record isnt good. 400,000 more children in child poverty. Mass immgration that Britain was not prepared for, when all our european neighbours took steps to limit the impact of a bigger European Union. The 10 pence tax increase. Motorists being hit every day in the pocket, and talking down the manufacturing business we have here in Flintshire.