Sunday, June 07, 2009

Historic vote in the European Elections in Wales

Tonight was a historic night for Conservatives in Wales. At the counting centre in the Pavilion in Flint it was clear that the Conservatives and UKIP had polled well, however for the Conservatives in Delyn it was also the first time that we have polled more votes that Labour since boundary changes moved Prestatyn, a Conservative area into neighbouring Vale of Clwyd.

Not only that but the Flintshire result overall saw voters turning to the positive policies put forward by the Conservatives with Conservatives topping the poll in both Delyn and Alun and Deeside. A Plaid Cmyru MP described the results in Wales as "earth shattering and we are seeing Labour imploding". Were these results to be replicated across the board in an election in Wales in the same proportions it would mean that the Conservatives would gain 17 seats in Wales. I am delighted as I know Dr Kay Swinburn as our MEP will fight hard for the interests of Delyn, she has already been here a number of times and is aware of the issues facing Flintshire.

I believe that I have alot of hard work still to do to earn the respect and trust of every voter in Delyn, but this is a great result for the Conservatives and a miserable night for Labour. So miserable that the Labour agent at the count refused to stay and listen to the result being announced.