Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Alun School students

I have been questioned by Alun Students several times in the past, and always found their questions to be searching and well thought out. During the Welsh Assembly campaign in 2007 questions from those studying politics in Delyn were some of the hardest that I came across. David Cameron's visit to Mold today was great to see. He too faced those students, and I was delighted by both the quality of the questions, and of the answers to them. It really was wonderful to see the enthusiam in the Daniel Owen Centre. After the meeting there was a real feeling of excitement and interest in what had happened in that meeting. Having been out on the doorstep and in Mold market during the last few weeks there is also a similar engagement and feeling of involvement from some, with complete antipathy to politics from others, nearly all of those I have spoken to feeling totally and utterly let down. The expenses issue has undoubtably damaged politicians from every party, but here in Delyn there is a real interest in the issues, which is encouraging to see. It promises to be an interesting run up to the election, whenever that might be.