Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The consequences of immigration

In 2005 we fought the general election on immigration. Conservatives warned of the impact of uncontrolled immigration particularly from the enlarged EU. Every other country imposed restrictions on the numbers of new EU entrants who could enter their countries - but the Labour government in their wisdom estimated that only 14500 immigrants would want to come to the UK. We are now paying the price for that incompetent decision. The estimate is far off the mark with over 500,000 entrants at a guess and we are now paying the price in service provision. Local Councils have warned for years that their ability to provide services is being affected. The lack of Government planning for this influx is also having a dramatic impact on hospital services. This as so many other things highlights not only Labour's inability to get it right, but their lack of strategic ability to plan. It is the ordinary British citizen who is now paying the price. Where is the apology Gordon? It is no use having a "vision for the future" if it is based on a fairytale.