Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Labour playing catch up

Oh dear oh dear, Labour's tired administration really are running out of ideas. Several months ago after our visit to St Kentigern's Hospice Brynford Cllr Matt Wright and I pushed hard for a hospice lobby day in Cardiff. That hospice lobby day took place, Mark Isherwood and a number of others working hard for hospice funding in recognition of the hard work they do. Under the Labour Welsh Assembly staff have faced funding squeezes from Labour's Assembly Government receiving 20% LESS than their English Counterparts for the last few years.

The Conservatives announced a spending commitment of £10 million for hospices in Wales.............seems that Sandy Mewies and Carl Sargeant having failed to recognise the funding hole faced by hospices over the last 3 years have finally caught up. Labour have clearly been reading Conservative policies I am delighted that they have finally recognised the shortfall facing hospices - pity that they have wasted so much on useless bureaucracy in the NHS rather than directing money where it could provide vital care to those who need it. Had Labour adopted the Welsh Conservative Budget there would have been far greater funding.